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We are open Monday-Thursday  10am-7pm, Friday- Saturday 9am-6pm


Cleaning/stock refinishing/blueing service/cerakote


We offer cleaning service for all firearms, even re-blue your gun and refinish your stock to new condition. Pricing does differ do to condition. All cleaning bluing and stock work is done in house. cerakote  is down out of house.

We aim to please


Our goal is to get what you want at the lowest price possible, if we don't have it, we can get it (As long as its CA compliant). 

Please call for prices, we carry everything CA legal

Glock, Springfield, Ruger, Sig Sauer


Winchester, Remington, Ithaca, Mossberg,


AR style, Bolt and lever action



Ladies, Lead & Laughter



For all you ladies that want a ladies shooting group. We will have a safe environment to provide women an opportunity to improve their shooting skills and develop a safe and solid foundation of safe handling & shooting fundamentals. You will build your confidence and practice your skills so that you are always prepared.  This will be fun social time where we can join together and participate with other female shooters and make new friends!  We will have qualified instructors available to answer questions and provide you with basic training and safety tips. $10 for Shooters, FREE to watch! See you there!

Bring Eye & Ear protection, any caliber pistol or 22LR Rifle, and your own ammo.

Please join us at 8am , the 1st Saturday  of  the month at the Hi-desert rod and gun club

1 on 1 Safety Training


If you would like a refresher course on basic safety and training on your firearm. Come on in for a 1 on 1 and we will make sure you leave confident knowing you know how to handle your firearm.

If you are an early bird, i do try and hit the range every week, if you like to come along you are more than welcome

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message either by email, phone or text We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Independence Guns & Ammo

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